VerCheck is a small application we developed to make it easy for our clients to keep their software up to date. VerCheck allows you to:
  • Read any notes about files posted for you
  • Quickly download the latest version of your software
  • Send files back to AutoSOFT (with comments) at click of a button
  • Download the latest support libraries for your software (MDAC, ZLib, etc.)
Staying in touch has never been easier!

Could VerCheck work for me and my clients?

This tool is ideal for any environment where you desire to post secure files and make it very easy to retrieve them without relying on your client's ability to use a web browser or FTP software. All VerCheck requires of your client is an internet connection and a password.

How does it work?

VerCheck connects quietly to an FTP server containing script files which are easily edited with the VerCheck Editor. The editor also maintains an email address list per client and can automatically send quick emails to inform the client about new postings, updates, etc. When the client uses VerCheck to send a file back to you it is time/date stamped along with any comments the client has entered and the client's name. VerCheck also has a tool to let you know immediately when something has been uploaded to you.



  • Any version of Windows from 95 to Vista
  • An internet connection


  • An FTP site (any platform) with adequate space to store your files
  • A fixed IP address or domain for the FTP Server
    (even this isn't a 100% requirement... ask us how)
  • Any version of Windows to run the VerCheck Editor

In short there is no easier way to keep your clients up to date.

If you are interested in using VerCheck please contact us for more information or a demonstration at

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