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FibreMan contains several other features not covered in the previous pages:

  • Multiple regions - FibreMan can handle data for multiple regions at the same time. Splicing can also be done across regional network boundaries if required.

  • Database browser - a simple database browser to allow the user to view the data records directly. This tool also contains built in searches to cross reference the relationships between housings, sheaths, fibres, etc.

  • Invalid splice search - a small tool that searches the network looking for fibres that are spliced more than twice. (an invalid condition since a fibre only has two ends)

  • Bulk 'Use' editing - the 'Use' or payload information can be applied to entire fibre systems or fibre traces with a single command.

  • Colour coded views - throughout the software fibre and sheath icons are colour coded to match the actual buffer/fibre colour. This makes editing much easier, especially when viewing large trays.

While FibreMan can function as an off-the-shelf solution, it should also be be viewed as a platform to be tailored to your specific environment. The application's existing functionality is fairly complete, however there are many features that can be added or customized to closely match existing in-house standards.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and how FibreMan can benefit you.

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