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BoxOffice Palm 1.02 - BoxOffice in your hand

BoxOffice Palm allows your staff to carry a searchable seating list with them during the show nights on a Palm Pilot. BoxOffice 'beams' the show database directly to the PDA to make updating quick and easy. You can have your entire show in your hand all evening and look up the details on any person, nominee or presenter with a quick search.

Below you will find an overview of the handheld version of BoxOffice. This application is also coming soon for Windows Mobile based PDAs.

Financial / Stats

BoxOffice adds a time/date stamp when creating the
database to let you know how current it is.

The database (and application) can be beamed from
PDA to PDA to keep everyone up to date when one
person on the floor has a more recent copy of
the data.

Searches can be done by Name, Table, or
Seat Number.

This is an example of a basic name search.

Name searches can also be done with just a
portion of the name.

This example searches on 'berts' and
returns several different last names.

Example of a search by table number.

Example of a search by seat number.

Searching by "hh" alone would find every theatre
seat in row HH.

There are five 'Special' searches to locate Nominees,
Presenters, Nominees that are Presenting,
and all tickets with Special Codes.

The 5th option is used to search for empty table
seats (covered in detail below)

A details screen can be opened for each person found.

Detail screens contain: Name, Seat, Table, Nominee,
Presenter, and Special Instructions.

In this example this person is both a Nominee and
a Presenter, is seated in theatre seat E37, is at
table 31 for dinner, and has special instructions
"Sit with salter street"

Another example of a person who is a Nominee with
a 'Vegetarian' special code.

If the person has a table number, then a list of
other people at the same table can also be shown.

After searching, tapping on each name in the table
list will bring up the details for that person.

As mentioned above there is also a feature to find
empty table seats.

Only tables with empty seats will be listed along
with the number of available seats. Selecting a
table displays the other people at that table.

Financial / Stats

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