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Ticket Pick-up

BoxOffice will also track your ticket pick-ups after printing is finished. With a quick search BoxOffice can not only tell you who received the tickets but also when. This information also appears on the printing screen to prevent re-printing of delivered tickets. No more lost orders!

Our simplified icons make it easy to see the status of your tickets:

- Dinner ticket has been printed
- Theatre ticket has been printed
- Tickets have been picked up.

Therefore the combined icon represents a person where both the dinner and theatre tickets have been printed and picked up. It's that easy.

Remember the Internet confirmation system we mentioned earlier? It also displays the pick-up details so your clients can check themselves if that courier they sent picked up their order.

On-site Operations

Once you are setup at the show BoxOffice will still be there. On-site you now have the ability to:

  • Quickly look up and verify ticket information.

  • Reprint single or whole groups of lost tickets.

  • Make last minute changes to seating or find empty seats.

  • Update production reports.

The only thing better would be if you could carry BoxOffice around in the palm of your hand at your event. Well, you can!

BoxOffice in your hand

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