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Ticket Printing

BoxOffice uses Boca Systems ticket printers to create tickets for your event eliminating the time wasted sorting through pre-printed tickets. Using the built in ticket designer you can also create your own ticket layouts which can be unique for dinner, theatre, and each night of your event.

As with seating, ticket groups are kept together during the printing phase. With one command you can print an entire purchaser's tickets, a small group, or just a single ticket. Lift them out of the printer and drop them into an envelope and you're done.

Ticket printing features:
  • Optionally collate dinner and theatre tickets or interlace by ticket holder.

  • Print blank theatre or dinner tickets.

  • Quickly view all ticket holders with unprinted tickets.

  • Track when and the number of times a ticket has been printed.

  • Every ticket contains the date and time that it was printed, along with the confirmation code of the purchaser. If you find a lost ticket BoxOffice can tell you exactly who owns it.

  • **Coming soon: We will be adding the ability to print labels for the ticket envelopes.

Ticket Pick-up / On-site

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