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Ticket Sales

The first step in managing your show is ticket sales. In BoxOffice individual tickets are grouped by purchaser, which can be either an individual or a company. There is no limit to the number of purchasers per show.

A few facts about ticket sales:
  • Individual purchasers can be marked as tax exempt.

  • Tickets can be attached to ensure that groups of people are seated together. (e.g. John Smith stays attached to his four guests)

  • Presenter and Nominee tickets have special tags so they can be tracked separately.

  • Each ticket has a private comment used for notes by your staff to remember special details.
Ticket Calculator

BoxOffice contains a ticket calculator to summarize and quote orders quickly. With this tool assembling a ticket order can be done almost as fast as your client can read it to you over the phone. When finished the ordered tickets can be added to a new or existing purchaser in one step.


BoxOffice can keep track of multiple payments from each purchaser. (any combination of cash, cheque, credit card, etc.) At any time during a show you can quickly generate reports for the accounting department showing receivables, credit card authorizations, etc.

BoxOffice also prints Confirmation Slips, Payment Histories, and Receipts for each purchaser.

On the Web

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