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Setting up an Award Show

BoxOffice was designed to be very flexible to allow it to adapt to any style of award show. From the smallest reception to a large multi-night gala with dinner and theatre seating, you will find the tools here to keep track of everything you need to know. Below is a small sampling of the options you can configure for each award show.

How big is your event?
  • BoxOffice supports up to 99 nights per show and can manage an almost unlimited number of shows.

  • Each night of the show can have a Dinner (Reception or Tables) and/or a Theatre seating with each segment managed separately including unique tickets. Are you having a reception for 2 nights with Table and Theatre seating on night 3? No problem.

  • No limit to the number of attendees at each event.

  • Unlimited ticket types per show. (Nominee, Member, Corporate, etc.) Each ticket type has its own Price and Description and can represent a single person or a whole table of seats. You can also set different prices for each night of the show and run reports later based on ticket type.

  • Table seating - You decide how many tables and the number of seats per table.
    ** Coming soon: Assign priorities to each table so you can ensure your VIP's are placed in the best seats.

  • With 'Table Ticket' types you can define a single ticket that represents an entire table of people. BoxOffice will bill your client for only one 'table ticket' and will automatically manage those people as an attached group of individual tickets.

  • BoxOffice allows you to define your own custom theatre layouts. Rows, Seats, Levels (Balcony, Orchestra, etc.) There is no limit to the layout or size of your theatres. You can also pre-define several theatre floor plans and reuse them over and over for future shows.

  • Special Codes - You can create an unlimited list of special codes to attach to each ticket holder. Vegetarian, Wheelchair, Kosher, etc. All can be individually tagged and reported on later to ensure you are able to cater to each special need.

  • Custom ticket layouts - design your own ticket layouts including your show or company logo. No more sorting pre-printed tickets. BoxOffice designs and prints its own tickets with Boca Systems ticket printers.

  • Multiple Users - No matter how many people you have on staff, all of them can be working in BoxOffice at the same time.

Worried about configuring your award show?

We will gladly set up your show for you including the theatre floor plan.

Office Integration

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