Looking for information about BoxOffice, our award show management system?
  Past Projects
Developing custom software means a never ending variety of problems to solve. We have posted a list of some of our past projects.
Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with clients in a diverse range of fields. Thank you to each of our clients for 14 years of business.
  Easy updates
VerCheck makes it easy for your customers to pick up updates and stay connected.

  Coming soon - Details on our newest product
CSV Server is a small tool to add reporting to web based applications. It enables SQL queries to be executed against a database and the results returned to the client's browser as a CSV file.

More information about CSV Server

  BoxOffice 2 is in the works
BoxOffice version 2 is currently under development. With new features like a client-server format, an interactive theatre and table layout editor, an optional web interface, and a Windows Mobile handheld extension, this looks to be the best BoxOffice yet. To be contacted when BoxOffice 2 is released please drop us an email to be added to our mailing list.

  Award show season has arrived again!
AutoSOFT was again chosen to develop the web sites for the 2008/2009 Genie and Gemini Awards. Also BoxOffice will be managing the seating and ticketing for both shows for the 10th consecutive year. Thank you again to the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television for their continued support! You can visit this year's web sites at the following links.

23rd Annual Gemini Awards 2009 Genie Awards

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